Free the land from an evil dictator! ...Someone has to, right? 


  • Procedurally generated enemies
  • Lots of upgrades
  • Lots of items
  • Challenging combat

Minimum requirements

BrowserGoogle Chrome, version 70+
Graphics CardNvidia GTX 600 or equivalent

Key bindings

Strategy: End turnE
Strategy: ZoomMouse Wheel
Strategy: Move Camera UpW, Up Arrow
Strategy: Move Camera DownS, Down Arrow
Strategy: Move Camera LeftA, Left Arrow
Strategy: Move Camera RightD, Right Arrow
Combat: DefendD
Combat: WaitW

Made by a lazy cat for your pleasure, with the help of friend cats.

The game is under active development, so please leave your feedback!


I have a wonderful laptop, but my FPS is pretty low

  • Your laptop is probably using an integrated graphics card to run the game, have a look in NVidia setting, power settings or some software from your laptop manufacturer.

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